Chef Blake’s 5pcs Cookware Set


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Chef Blake Cookware, Non-Stick 5pc set includes Fry pan, Wok with Lid, and Casserole with Lid.

Lightweight, Non-Stick Interior Coating for Even Heat Cooking, Perfect for Browning, Searing and More.

French White with Bronze handles and stainless silver spiral outside.

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Fry pan with 2 layer non-stick and heat resistant coating outside with body spiral coating is equipped with a strong nonstick finish that resists scratching.

LIGHTWEIGHT & durable aluminum is thick for even heating, but lightweight to carry easily.

TEMPERED GLASS LID: Featuring a see-through tempered glass lid allows you track cooking progress.

EFFORTLESS ELEGANCE: Chef Blake Cookware elevates your everyday by offering superior and timelessly elegant patterns.

Handy tips :

-Before the first use wash the pot in warm  water

-Never use coarse or metal sponges while washing to preserve the non-stick coating

-Don’t over heat an empty stock pot

-The cooktop diameter should not exceed the bottom diameter

-Make sure the burner flames don’t reach the body and the handle

-Use plastics or wooden kitchen utensils to preserve the non-stick coating

5pcs cookware set

— 10in Open Fry Pan

— 11in  Wok

— 11in  Wok lid

— 9in Casserole

— 9in Casserole lid

Material: Pressed  aluminum

Thickness: 2.5mm

Finish: 2 layer non-stick coating inside and heat resistant coating outside with body spiral

Handle: S/S with gold electroplating

Bottom: spiral  (not suitable with induction cooker )

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